Wool Bedding Washing Instructions

Some of our customers have been asking for washing instructions on line so here they are! Please read them all they way through before you begin.

These directions are for a top load machine that allows you to control the cycle manually. This is how I initially washed bedding and it has been foolproof for me. This is the method I recommend.   I have since purchased a new top load machine with a wool cycle with minimal agitation,  it doesn’t allow me to control the cycle which means I can’t manage to soak the bedding without any agitation,  but it does rotate while the water is pouring in so that the water is not concentrated on one spot. I have had good luck with the wool cycle in my new machine but not all machines are the same. I have done some experimenting with front load machines with wool cycles with less success and I wouldn’t advise you to try it.  I strongly recommend the following method, done this way your bedding will come out like new with its lovely loft intact.


*Use a top load machine that allows you to control the cycle.

*Avoid wringing, agitation or pouring/running water directly on bedding.

*Queen and King size bedding requires an oversize tub for best results.

* Use a wool friendly soap, my favourite is Eucalan, a wool conditioner which softens and does not require rinsing.  In Regina, Eucalan is available at Golden Willow Natural Fibres.  If you are not in Regina try a knitting store.


*Check ties. Retie as needed using heavy crochet cotton and a long needle.

*Fill machine with warm water and soap.  Stop machine and add bedding.  Briefly and gently plunge bedding up and down.  Let soak for half an hour.  Do not allow machine to agitate.

*Turn to spin cycle.  When the spin cycle is complete remove item.  If rinsing is required ( if Eucalan was not used ) refill machine and add fabric softener if desired and repeat the above process.

* Lay flat to dry or drape over drying racks, a banister or rail. Depending on the humidity it will take a minimum of 2 days to dry completely.

*Pillows can be done by hand in a large laundry tub or bath tub using the above directions.  When I have done this, I squeeze the pillow against the side of the tub to remove the water and then lay the pillow on a towel, place another towel over top and press down to squeeze out more moisture, they take a little longer to dry but this works. Pillows are scary because they look very flat wet, don’t worry they will come back up as they dry.  Technically, a duvet could be done in a bath tub too but you would definitely need a helper and lots of towels!

Laundry Service

Whew, that seems like a lot of direction, it is not as bad as it sounds! Having said all of that, if you are in our area, we provide a laundry service for our bedding.  We wash and retie duvets and mattress pads for $20 each and pillows for $5.  Sometimes people have stained pillowcases that require a little extra attention or want their pillows “renewed” with a little extra wool, then charges depend on exactly what we have done but it is very reasonable and the result is a “like new” pillow for a fraction of the cost of a new one.




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