Wool Bedding

Pure Comfort

Pure Comfort


It is difficult to describe the feeling of sinking into a wool mattress pad and pillow and cuddling under a wool duvet.  Although words escape us, we are pretty sure the term “comforter” first described wool bedding. Our favorite question to market customers is, “have you ever tried wool bedding?”  If they have, no descriptions are required, they know exactly what we mean.

All of our mattress pads, duvets and pillows are custom made . Our bedding  is filled with virgin wool and covered with 100% cotton ticking.  We hand tie every piece, just like grandma did.  The fabric is preshrunk and all of the bedding is washable. With proper care, our bedding maintains its comfy loft and will last for many years.

clockwise: Duvet,Pillow, Mattress Pad

clockwise from left: Duvet,Pillow, Mattress Pad


We make single, double, queen and king duvets to standard sizes,or we make them to your specifications.  A frequent request is for extra width to head off duvet hogs!   We make crib sized duvets but do not recommend duvets for infants under 12 months.



Couch Duvet , AKA " Magic Blanket"

Couch Duvet , AKA ” Magic Blanket”


We make a very popular 42″x 70″ couch duvet christened “the Magic Blanket” by our customers. It comes with a removable, washable, flannelette cover for easy care.  It’s uses go way beyond a cosy time on the couch, we love it for summer evenings on the porch, camping, and cuddling the grandkids. Wool has an awesome, therapeutic effect, these magic blankets have comforted our customers through everything  from a common cold to major surgery.

front to back: Travel Pillow, Queen Pillow, ( couch duvet)

front to back: Travel Pillow, Queen Pillow, ( couch duvet)


Oh my goodness, what we have learned about pillows!  Pillow needs seem to be as individual as DNA. Many of our customers tell us they have a closet full of pillows that they have bought, tried and rejected. Once they try ours, they come back to the market time and again just to tell us how much they love them!  Because they are custom made, we can fill them to your needs. We have made very fat and very skinny pillows and lots in between.  We can even alter them after they have been made. Customers often take their pillows home and give them a try for a week or so. If they need tweaking to create that perfect comfort, we are happy to oblige!

We make a  19×26″ Standard Pillow, a 19×30″ Queen Pillow, a cute little 9×13″ travel pillow (with cover) a 19×13″  Childs Pillow ( with  or without cover )  and almost anything else our customers request.  We have made  king size pillows, body pillows, euro pillows, floor pillows, cat pillows,” fit perfectly into the small of my back” pillows , chair pads, stadium seats and so on…..

We love that our pillows are renewable.  Customers sometimes bring us their well used pillows for renewal, we wash them, remove the wool, refluff  and sometimes add some extra, new wool. The result is a fresh, “like new pillow” for approximately 1/4 of the cost of a new.

Rousay Station pillows

Rousay Station pillows on a “regular” mattress pad


If we had to pick a personal favorite piece of bedding it would be the mattress pad. Many of our customers agree. We make single, double,queen and king size mattress pads in two thickness. Regular thickness shown above or double “luxury” thickness, shown below.

Double thick or "luxury" mattress pad

Double thick or “luxury” mattress pad


Why should our best friends be left out in the cold?  We also make pet beds, just ask us!

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