IMG_4189At Rousay Station we have been raising sheep and making wool bedding for over ten years. We are committed to providing our customers with old fashioned quality, pure comfort and a great nights sleep! We love all things wooly and are determined not to waste any of our precious wool crop, we are always finding new and fun ways to use wool in addition to making bedding.

We struggled to name our enterprize until a friend returned from New Zealand and told us the guys who scooped up the newly shorn wool from the shearing floor were called “rousies” (rhymes with drowsy).That struck a chord as Rousay (also rhymes with drowsy) is an island in Orkney, ancestoral home of our clan. Rousay Station was born. We have been gathering wool ever since.
We currently sell custom made bedding from our farm gate and the Regina Farmers Market.We take pride in the positive feedback we get and love meeting people and sharing the many benefits of wool. Such as:

WOOL Breathes, the fibres trap air between them, giving you a cushion of comfort, promoting good circulation and eliminating tossing and turning and morning stiffness.  Wool bedding is ideal for aching muscles and hard working backs, arthritis and post surgical patients.

WOOL Absorbs moisture without feeling damp. This allows you to keep an even body temperature all night. A  common complaint of down  bedding is waking in the night feeling overheated and sweaty or clammy and chilled.  Wool bedding avoids all of that and gives a great nights sleep.

WOOL Bedding can be used year round because it breathes and absorbs moisture.  Our wool bedding never leaves our beds.

WOOL fibres want to stick together, unlike down and feathers they won’t separate or fall to the bottom of a channel leaving thin spots.

WOOL is naturally resistant to mold, mites and mildew. There is no need to frequently replace wool bedding.

WOOL is washable, eco-friendly and sustainable. It lasts for years and we can renew it for you for a fraction of the cost of new.

Rousay Station Wool Bedding = Pure Comfort


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